1. Rules of Bowling4Cash.com stated herein, and those of the USBC will govern all participants. However, Bowling4Cash.com tournament manager will have the right to resolve all questions and disputes arising. All decisions shall be final and binding. The Tournament Manager and the committee will have the right to accept or reject all entries. All prizes will be considered final as published by the tournament committee regarding prizes. No legal action for prize money may be brought after prize checks are issued. All USBC Rules not specified here will be in effect. This is a non-sanctioned tournament.
  2. Bowlers will bowl 5 games across 5 pair. Bowlers will change lanes at the end of each game.
  3. Entry fee is $85.00 per person, $63.00 prize fund, $22.00 for linage and expenses 100% of the prize fund will be distributed. Prize ratio shall be at least 1 out of 6 for every entry. Closing date is 1 hour after the scheduled squad event.
  4. Cash only once per event. Exception: December 5th will have 2 prize funds. You may have the opportunity to cash more than once if you are participating in the 3 of the 5 Bonus prize fund. If you are competing in the 3 of the 5 bonus prize fund, you must bowl 3 of the 5 events one being the last event on December 5th to be eligible. Those competing in the 3 of 5 Bonus Prize Fund will be the only ones eligible to cash more than once.
  5. Payout of prize monies will be paid out the same day. Payout location Palace Lanes - 4191 Bellaire Blvd, Houston, TX.
  6. Lane conditions are determined by Palace Lanes, not by the tournament director.
  7. Premature termination of the tournament brought about by war, national emergency or emergency causes relating to; fires, strikes, lockouts, labor difficulties, weather or other reasons beyond the control of Bowling4Cash.com shall cause the foregoing prize schedule to be prorated in accordance with the number of entrants who have bowled.
For additional information:
Call Tascha @ 832-483-4509
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